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What is Reflexology

Experience Better Health with Foot Reflexology

Applied Reflexology techniques are different from any other form of contact

therapy, including massage. It is this difference that makes reflexology so unique.

The Ingham Method® of Reflexology is a specific thumb and finger method

developed by Eunice Ingham in the 1930’s.

When correctly performed, Reflexology can:

 -Assist you in achieving good health naturally

- Energize if you’ve been feeling frazzled

 -Help the body achieve homeostasis, a state of equilibrium, or balance

- Improve blood supply and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses

- Increase circulation

 -Induce relaxation

 -Relieve stress and tension

And it feels wonderful!

Come and experience Reflexology for yourself!!

Is this a massage?

Reflexology is a form of physical therapy.  Ingham Reflexologists do not use lotions or creams to perform this very specific technique.  It feels wonderful but it is not to be confused with massage.  A reflexologist is trained by Certified Ingham Reflexology Instructors who go through years of rigorous training to properly teach the technique.


Here is what Jane’s clients have to say about reflexology:

“I heard of reflexology but had never tried it before. I made an appointment and it was the BEST thing I

ever did! I now have reflexology every other week. After each session, I feel FABULOUS! Any aches and

pains that I might have when I walk in the door are gone when I leave. I‘d definitely recommend if it you

are having specific issues, or even if you aren’t…it’ll make you feel like a million dollars. Heather

Bennett, West Plains , MO

“Reflexology has been so beneficial to me. The toes on my right foot have been numb and felt stiff as a

result of spinal compression. After the very first session, I felt a change in the condition and have

enjoyed greater comfort and flexibility in my toes after each subsequent session. These sessions are

relaxing and make me feel so “pampered” and the comfort and well-being are not felt exclusively in my

toes but seem to spread throughout my entire body. “ Laura Simpson, West Plains, MO

“I just wanted you to know that I went for my yearly eye checkup and my eye pressure went down from

19 each eye to 17 & 18. Very good news for me. I believe that the reflexology has been the only new

thing I have done this year.” Thanks, Paula.

“Reflexology has improved the circulation in my feet and legs. Neuropathy had caused numbness and

stabbing pain that hindered sleep. I am very thankful that I rarely have any stabbing pain now, and the

numbness is less than half of what I’d had before reflexology.” Barbara Shepherd, Birch Tree, MO

“I am a nurse who worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital. When I got home in the morning, my feet hurt

so bad I could barely stand on them. I was a nurse for 25 years and worked a lot of overtime. My poor

feet have taken a lot of abuse over the years on tile floors. When I saw in the paper that there was a

Reflexologist in West Plains, I made an appointment. It was the best money I ever spent. She is worth

every penny. Jane is fantastic and my feet never felt so good. I had been walking with a limp because of

a bad sprain I had at age 15. After the reflexology session, I no longer walk with a limp. It is so great to

be able to walk and not have to shift my weight to my right side because my ankle hurts. I now walk

every day without limping. I am eternally grateful to Jane for this privilege to walk normally.”

Linda Ritterbush, RN, West Plains, MO

“When I lived in Iowa, I got hooked on reflexology. I was so happy to have found Jane. After one visit I

noticed that I am getting the same benefits as I did in Iowa. No more menstrual cramps and no more

irritable bowels. It is awesome. When my feet are happy, I’m HAPPY!” Marci Fuller, Thayer, MO

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